Welcome to soundofsilas.

I am a Birmingham-based sound artist, working in:

Music composition and production
Live recording

Latest news:

I’m recording and producing an album by The Lost Notes, and I’ve recently finished an album by The Beau Jangles

You can hear some of the Beau Jangles recordings here

For the Lost Notes, we recorded the drums in one session, and now we’re overdubbing one element at a time. For the Beau Jangles, we got everyone in a room together and recorded everything at once, with a minimum of overdubs. In terms of approaches to recording, these two methods are at opposite extremes. Is one going to sound ‘better’ than the other?

Mr Bobblehead is now online! You can see it here

Free Stuff:

Want some free tunes? Go to Soundcloud for some free downloads.

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