Welcome to soundofsilas.

I’m a Birmingham-based sound artist, working in:

Music composition and production
Live recording

Latest news:

Working on some new Heels studio recordings; it’s been four years since the last album, and we’ve introduced vocals from Joel and Dr Dan, so it’s time for some new tunes. So far, we’ve done drums, bass and guitar, and we’re aiming to record the horns and vocals over the next couple of months.

New Man From Impossible album out now. Five years have passed since the Man From Impossible failed to infiltrate every global corporation at once; he’s now working as a gumshoe, a shamus, a P.I. A collection of soundtrack tunes with a mostly 1960s feel, driven off the rails with some sneaky contemporary production touches. Guest players contribute brass, strings, woodwind, vocals, dobro, guitar, keyboards. More information and tracks here:

Mr Bobblehead is now online! You can see it here

Free Stuff:

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