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I’m a Birmingham-based sound artist, working in:

Music composition and production
Live recording

Latest news:

New Heels studio recordings; it’s been four years since the last album, and we’ve introduced vocals from Joel and Dr Dan, so it’s time for some new tunes. These are almost done; just a few vocal tracks to record for some of the tunes. Here’s our version of a Janelle Monae tune, with some footage of setting up for the last few gigs:
Make Me Feel

New Man From Impossible album out now. Five years have passed since the Man From Impossible failed to infiltrate every global corporation at once; he’s now working as a gumshoe, a shamus, a P.I. A collection of soundtrack tunes with a mostly 1960s feel, driven off the rails with some sneaky contemporary production touches. Guest players contribute brass, strings, woodwind, vocals, dobro, guitar, keyboards. More information and tracks here:

Mr Bobblehead is now online! You can see it here

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